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Quick Start

Pay more attention to the personality description paragraphs at the top. Those are the gold in this report.

Personality Description

Both favorable influences and challenging influences are mentioned.

Personality can be changed by FREE WILL. It is hard to do, but possible.

Your intense willpower can
overcome challenging traits
and magnify favorable ones
Personality Trait SCOREs

Each SCORE for a personality trait measures "how much" of that trait the person has.

SCORE Numbers

Scores go from 1 to 99.
- a score of 88 is higher than 88%
of all scores in the world
- a score of 11 is higher than 11%
of all scores in the world
This type of score is called a PERCENTILE RANK.

trait scores
only show EMPHASIS

High trait scores are not favorable. High trait scores are not challenging. Low trait scores are not favorable. Low trait scores are not challenging.

Instead, the score numbers show how much emphasis each trait has in the person's makeup.
A higher score means more emphasis
A lower score means less emphasis

ZING personality trait

What is ZING?

A formula uses other trait scores to produce the Zing trait score. Zing turns out to have a wide variety of scores among people. Zing is really interesting.

So what does ZING mean?

app1wordgoesHERE does not know what Zing means.


Try this. Look at the Zing scores for a bunch of people you know really well. Look for different patterns among those people with a higher Zing score and those people with a lower Zing score.

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